New Year New Beginnings

Today is the second day of 2017 and I have decided it is the day to reinvigorate my blog. Last written in 2012, it was entitled existential films and was a project to earn credit for in a graduate program. That course never made it, but watching those films was a unique and reflective experience.

Today, at 61.5 years old or so, I begin anew and hope to impart some wisdom and reflection on life, existence and what it is like to be a “flaneuse”.

I have explained the “Flaneur” many times as being a stroller and the Flaneuse is the feminine word for that person. As a flaneuse, I stroll through academia, as a professor and a student, through a myriad of interests in book form and also through travel that has taken me far and wide throughout the USA primarily. It is my fervent hope that people will find this site who need stimulation, understanding and compassion.


Write the book. This is something I have wanted to do this some time now. First, it was on a book about Freddie Mercury, but my perfectionism and his desire for perfectionism staved off my attempts to complete the work. I did not fail, I simply awoke and realized this task was too daunting for me to complete.

So, this year I start here. I will add in some of the things I wrote for my Freddie love story, but overall, this place allows me to be me, to feed my soul and my need for creative expression. It simply is a place to be free from the constraints of perfection and also to speak to the universe in a shared space.


Namaste, Aley Martin

The author on a Flaneuse adventure to the big Island of Hawaii, December 2016.




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